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Waterloo Engineering Competition


All University of Waterloo engineering undergraduate students are eligiblefor Siemens Plantville Competition provided that they:

- are on a academic term and are fee paying members of the Engineering Society
- are offstream but paid their Engineering Society fee on their last on-stream term


Plantville is the new, interactive online game developed by Siemens that puts you in the shoes of a plant manager. In the game, players are challenged to increase productivity, sustainability, and the overall health of their virtual plants from an online platform that simulates a real plant environment. Factors such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), net income, and competed goals determine a playerís overall score.

Students in teams of two will play the Plantville game with the goal of strategically increasing their overall score in the time allotted. Afterward, competitors will prepare a brief case explaining their results and strategy used and present to a panel of judges.

Try Plantville for yourself!

Competition Details

As shown in the schedule, this event will start with a welcome and briefing. This is followed by the design stage (teams will each have their own area to work) and 5-minute presentations (more details will be provided at the briefing).

The marking scheme is divided into two parts. The first deals with the performance, and the second part deal with the quality of presentation.

Performance: 70%
Presentation: 30%
Presentation Quality 20%
Speaker Quality 5%
Responses to Questions 5%
Penalty: Under-use of Time (<3 min) -5%
Penalty: Over-use of Time -1%/min

It is highly recommended (as the marking scheme above shows) to use a structured engineering design method to form the outline of the presentation.


As seen in the detailed marking scheme above, there are two deliverables: a performance score and a presentation. This section will provide information on each.


Each team can submit a visual aid for its presentation at the end of the thirty-minute presentation preparation period. Posters and highlighters will be provided, if needed.

Competition Day

Competitors will be allowed to use the schoolís computers, but internet is prohibited.

All other tools must be cleared with the competition coordinator before use. Cell phones or communication devices are prohibited. Violation of these rules will result in disqualification.

Differences Between WEC and OEC

This competition is only at the school level, and is not continued at the provincial level.

Past Problem

There is no past problem.

Awards & Prizes

Winning teams will receive an award from the Siemens of $500. The runner-up team will receive an award from the Siemens of $250. The third place will receive an award from the Siemens of $100. In addition, winners will be given the opportunity to interview with Siemens Canada for a part-time or contract position, depending on the studentís date of graduation.

There will be prize draws for all participants at the end of the competition night.


If you have any question about the Plantville Competition, please feel free to contact the competition coordinator, found on the Contacts page.