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Waterloo Engineering Competition


All University of Waterloo engineering undergraduate students are eligible for Senior Team Design provided that they:

- are on a academic term and are fee paying members of the Engineering Society
- are offstream but paid their Engineering Society fee on their last on-stream term


Consulting Engineering is an event that puts your project management, product management, and research skills to test. Want to be a manager or put your engineering business skills to work? This is your category!

Teams of four students are given a real engineering problem and must come up with a theoretical, but feasible solution, to present and sell to potential customers. Competitors are judged on the quality and feasibility of their solution, as well as the quality of their presentation.

The competition takes place in the Spring and Fall terms (June/July and October/November.

Competition Details

As shown in the schedule, this event will start with a welcome and briefing. This is followed by the design stage (teams will each have their own area to work) and 20-minute presentations (more details will be provided at the briefing).

The marking scheme is divided into three parts. The first deals with the overall quality and feasibility of the solution, and the second and third parts deal with the quality of the report and presentation.

Solution: 50%
Life-cycle Environmental, Social, and Economic Analyses 15%
Structured Engineering Design Methodology 15%
Technical Innovation 10%
Feasibility 10%

Report: 25%
Comprehensiveness 10%
Stating Assumptions 5%
References/Sources 5%
Presentation/Format 5%

Presentation: 25%
Presentation Quality 10%
Speaker Quality 5%
Compliments the Report 5%
Responses to Questions 5%
Penalty: Under-use of Time (>3 minutes) -5%
Penalty: Over-use of Time -1%/minute

It is highly recommended (as the marking scheme above shows) to use a structured engineering design method to form the outline of the report and presentation.


As seen in the detailed marking scheme above, there are two deliverables: a report and a presentation. This section will provide information on each.


The report is a comprehensive document containing the proposed design/solution, and must contain the following components:

Other components such as a letter of transmittal, tables of figures and tables, appendices are optional. Use of a rigid work report style is not required. Additional requirements for the report are as follows:


The report and the presentation must be delivered by the end of the design/build time to the competition coordinator either by USB key or email. Late entries will result in a 50% reduction in the marking of that deliverable.

Competition Day

Competitors will be allowed to use:

All other tools must be cleared with the competition coordinator before use. Cell phones, BlackBerrys, online communication (e.g. MSN, GoogleChat, Skype) or other communication devices are prohibited. Violation of these rules may result in disqualification.

Differences Between WEC and OEC

The design time has been shortened to five hours from the six hours allowed at the OEC. There are no other major differences.

Past Problem

Click here to access the June 2009 Consulting Engineering problem statement.

Awards & Prizes

Members of the winning teams will receive a designation on their official transcripts indicating their accomplishment.

Winning teams will receive an award from the Sandford Fleming Foundation of $500 and will represent the University of Waterloo at the annual Ontario Engineering Competition. The runner-up team will receive an award from the Sandford Fleming Foundation of $250.


If you have any question about the Consulting Engineering competition, please feel free to contact the competition coordinator, found on the Contacts page.