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Waterloo Engineering Competition


All University of Waterloo engineering undergraduate students are eligible for Junior Team Design provided that they:

- are on a academic term and are fee paying members of the Engineering Society
- are offstream but paid their Engineering Society fee on their last on-stream term
- are in first and second year and will not have begun their 3A term by the time of the next OEC in February of next year


First and second-year students in teams of four have four hours to design and build a solution to a previously undisclosed engineering problem. The solution must demonstrate real-life feasibility.

The Junior Team Design competition takes place in the Spring and Fall terms (June/July and October/November).

Competition Details

Teams have four hours to complete the design prototype using only the materials provided and to prepare a 10- to 12-minute presentation.

Teams are evaluated primarily on the success level of prototype demonstration and the quality of presentation. See the following marking scheme for details:

Design & Performance 60%
Details May Vary 60%

Presentation 20%
Design Process 5%
Meets Constraints & Criteria 5%
Quality & Flow 4%
Highlights & Usability 3%
Prototype Critique 3%

Teamwork 10%
Knowledge 3%
Workload Distribution 3%
Compatibility 2%
Positivity 2%

Originality 10%
Daring/Outside the Box 4%
Creativity 3%
Uniqueness 3%

Note that the above marking scheme may vary. Competitors will see the exact marking scheme during the welcome/briefing session.


Each team will submit a working prototype of its design, and a poster as a visual aid for its presentation at the end of the four-hour design and build period. All materials, including the poster, will be provided.

Awards & Prizes

Members of the winning teams will receive a designation on their official transcripts indicating their accomplishment.

The winning team will receive an award of $500 from the Sandford Fleming Foundation and will represent the University of Waterloo at the annual Ontario Engineering Competition. The runner-up team will receive an award of $250 from the Sandford Fleming Foundation.

Differences Between WEC and OEC

There are no major differences between the WEC and OEC in this competition.

Past Problem


WEC - Spring 2009


If you have any question about the Junior Team Design competition, please feel free to contact the competition coordinator, found on the Contacts page.